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Soccer Stars Hack

Soccer Stars Hack – Coins and Bucks Cheats 2017

If you are an avid soccer fan then you should start playing Soccer Stars, which is an engrossing online game. The game has the capability to keep you hooked for days! Also combined with Soccer Stars hack it’s simply the perfect game.



Listed Below Are Some Important Aspects Of The Game:

Two-Touch Control:

If you are playing the game on a smaller screen, then controlling a player near the sides of the pitch will become difficult. So, you should use the two-touch method wherein you can make use of the second finger. All you need to do is tap and hold on the player and then drag with another finger to control, aim, and power. If you are finding difficulty in using the two-touch method, then you can practice it in the tutorial that is provided in the Settings menu.

Play Carefully:

New players usually try to play ‘maximum power’ shots every time. This can make it difficult for you to succeed in the game as the harder you hit the ball then more difficult it will be to judge where the ball will end up. Maximum power can make the ball end up running free and be tough for the opponent. So, play cautiously and when you are sure that maximum power is the only solution, blast it! If you are loosing to often, don’t thing anymore and try our Soccer Stars hack to help you in the game!

Position Your Players Well:

If you have ever played real soccer, you will know the importance of positioning your players. Similarly, in this game it is necessary to position your players well as they can make or break your game. You need to balance attack and defence so keeping all players bunched in one place will certainly be a bad idea. Position them properly so that you win all the matches.

Plan Well For Kick-Offs:

Kick-offs is important in the game and you need to play it well. You should not try to score straight from a kick-off as it will be a foul and your opponent will get a turn. Instead, you should get the ball very close to the goal so that it becomes difficult for your opponent to make a goal. You can even lose a match just because of a bad kick-off. If you play a poor shot then the opponent team will be able to make a goal easily. This will lead to 1-0 down, even before you have actually started playing the game. So, play carefully unless you use soccer stars cheats!

Keep Practicing:

The entire game depends on your skills and if you do not practice your soccer playing skills then you will not be able to win the matches. It is necessary to keep practicing by playing plenty of matches. This will enable you to get comfortable to the way the ball bounces and you can experiment various ways and formations until you come across the most comfortable one. So, keep practicing and make your game better.  You can even make use of the practice offline option on the top right corner of the screen so that you can practice the shooting mechanics of the game.  By using our soccer stars hack it should also be easier to play the game..

Formations Of The Game:

The game has four formations and you need to choose any one among them. Among these four formations, the 1-2-1 is the best one and is even the default formation when you start the game. It can help in blocking the goal. However, the only demerit of this formation is that your opponent can easily kick the ball right in between the first and second defenders. So, if you have not practiced well then you may end up hitting the ball into your own net.

The Formation 2 is a good one with 2-1-1, wherein the kick-off options are limited. So, in this formation, your opponent will serve the ball right to you. The demerit of this formation is that it will be difficult to kick the ball off. However, it is a perfect formation for defensive player and rookies.

The Formation 3 is generally played by experienced players. The 2-0-2 formation can be extremely difficult for amateur players to thrive. You need to play very carefully as a minor mistake can lead to an automatic goal for the opponent. In this formation, the opponent team can shoot right through the middle at the kick-off. So, play cautiously!

The 1-1-2 is formation 4, which is an offensive one. It is a perfect formation for those who want to score a lot of goals and are not interested in defending their own net. However, in this formation, you are giving an advantage to your opponent. If you move the two players who are defending the sides then the other player can easily score.

Teams Of The Game:


There are innumerable teams available in the game. All of them have powers of time, force and aim. Time provides you extra time in the game for every shot, force will give you extra strength, and aim will make you craft the perfect shot easily by aiming well. You will start the game with a Blue and a Red team. Some more teams that you will come across in the game are The Winks, 8 Ball Pool, Brawler, Team Rocket, etc.


Tournaments are a kind of game mode, wherein there are three sets of matches. You need to win all of them. Tournaments have time limit and four different venues. The first player who will cross the time limit will lose the tournament. Each player gets a time limit of 3 minutes. Some of the venues for the tournament are Portugal, Germany, Argentina, etc. Each of these venues has a different amount of entry fee, prize money, and goal to win.

How To Acquire Coins In Soccer Stars Game?

Soccer Stars Hack

Coins and Bucks are the two main currency of the game. There are a few ways to acquire Coins for free in the game. An easy method is to go to the main menu and then click the upper left hand corner of the screen that says ‘free coins’. Another way is to watch a video ad; however, the amount of advertisements available is limited in the game. So, it is better to watch them when you really are in need of Coins. An additional way to acquire Coins is to connect the game to social media sites like Facebook. You can receive 25 free Coins every hour by connecting to FB. By using these methods, you will be able to generate loads of free Coins every day. However much more easier way is to use Soccer Stars Hack.

Here Are Some Effective Tips That You Should Follow To Enhance Your Soccer Stars Game:

  • While repositioning your players, judge the power cautiously so that you do not send them over the line while leaving an open goal.
  • If you notice that your opponent has all players on the line, then you can send one of your players smashing into them to clear your opponents out.
  • If a player crosses the goal line, then he will be repositioned away from the goal, so play carefully.
  • It is not necessary to hit the ball always. Play strategically and if you feel that moving away from the ball will be a better option, then do it!
  • As you keep progressing in the game, you will be able to unlock more teams such as Brazil, South Africa, etc. If you want to unlock them early then you need to pay Gold Coins. However, if you try to play the game and win them instead, then you can earn several Silver Coins. Again you can just use Soccer Stars Hack to get anything you want.
  • If the angle of your player and the ball is perfect then you will surely be able to make a goal. An interesting feature of this game is that you can score easily even from a distance.
  • There are around 190 leagues to climb and your league will be based on your level at the start of the week. You need to reach new levels for climbing leagues and winning bigger prizes. Some of the leagues that you will come across in the game are Brass League, Iron League, etc.

All in all, Soccer Stars is a wonderful game that has acquired 4 out of 5 stars on the rating chart. So, start playing the game right away with our awesome Soccer Stars hack and have a wonderful time!



Soccer Stars Hack